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Who are the Mid-America Angels?

Private Investors Meeting for Startup Financing

The Mid-America Angels (MAA) are a group of more than 120 accredited angel investors. MAA members have significant experience as entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders and industry experts. Many have founded and successfully built companies. MAA members are located in Kansas and Missouri and seek exceptional investment opportunities with the potential for high returns.

While MAA is professionally managed by the staff of the Enterprise Center in Johnson County (ECJC), each member makes his or her own investment decisions. The staff of the ECJC processes company applications, schedules entrepreneurs to present before the angels, and conducts back-office due diligence on potential deals. 

MAA typically invests in companies in the Kansas City region, and provides early-stage funding in the seed ($250,000 – $1.5M), Series A ($1M – $3M) and Series B ($3M – $5M) rounds. Read on to learn more about MAA’s investment process and what the angels typically look for in deals.  

Our Investment Process

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The MAA investment process typically takes 90-120 days. 

Angel Investment Workshops

Educational opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors

Learn about basics of angel investing, different ways to calculate your company’s valuation, what really happens during the due diligence process, how to perfect your pitch and more at ECJC’s “Capital Series” workshops. 

See a full list of upcoming Capital Series events.

Anatomy of a Good Deal

Mid-America Angels Startup Capital Icon
Mid-America Angels Startup Capital Icon
Mid-America Angels Startup Capital Icon

The Mid-America Angels prefer to invest in companies who have completed version 1.0
of their product or service and have some paying customers. 

Proven Product

  • Potential for rapid, scalable growth within a reasonable time frame
  • Proprietary technology, early market lead or other strong barriers to entry
  • Reasonable valuation 

Big Market Opportunity

  • Opportunity for high returns on investment
  • Compelling, well-articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant 
    market share
  • Credible exit strategy for investors

Exceptional Team

  • Strong management team with relevant and successful experience
  • Desire for mentoring and coaching


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Apply to Pitch

Have you prepared your pitch deck? Are you ready to take on the due diligence process?

It’s time to take your company’s growth to the next level. Apply to pitch to Mid-America Angels now.